• Daniela Wildi


I arrived here in China exactly two months ago. Time flies by so fast, but during these two months I’ve experienced so much and China has already left so many impressions in my mind.

Shanghai at night - Pudong

I’ve been attending school now for one month. I get up at 6 o’clock everyday, go out at 6.40 a.m. and arrive by metro around 7.35 a.m. I already mentioned it in my previous post: The subway is full during rush hours and people are squeezed like sardines. My first lesson starts at 8 a.m., but before 7.50 a.m. we have to enter the building and aren't allowed to leave it until lunch break or end of school. If you're late, you'll get a warning letter.

Most of the lessons (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese Literature) I can’t follow, so I study by myself writing down Chinese Characters, memorizing them and solving exercises in my Chinese books. I also attend special Chinese classes based on my level and study with international students from whom most of them are Koreans. As I'm studying in the international department of the school I, unfortunately, don't really get the chance to make many Chinese friends and English is still the main language I use. However, we also have Chinese students in our department. School usually finishes at half past three. After it you can attend special interest and self-study classes.


You have to study and memorize vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as use them. This takes time and effort. Unless you’re a genius, you can’t learn a new language without time and effort; that’s just the way it is. Chinese is just like any other language in this respect. Most sentence structures are similar to English. Furthermore, Chinese has no irregular verbs, no verb tables, no noun plurals and no gendered parts of speech. For all you students who learn Latin, French, German, Russian or Spanish, I think you know what I’m saying here!

Moon Cakes in the making

Besides studying Chinese some other things have influenced my daily routine here in China.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all eaten with chopsticks. However, sometimes I use a spoon too.

Who wants to have lunch with us?


If it doesn’t come from a bottle or it’s not a hot drink, don’t drink it.