• Daniela Wildi


Hello everybody! Do you remember the voting? There was a request in the category of Health/Workout Routine & Looks/Outfits. I decided to combine these two and here we are.

What kind of sports am I doing? Well, I've been dancing for a very long time, I tried the gym and run thrice a week - wheater permitting - and last year I did yoga. One of the reasons why I'm running and doing sports is because I want to stay fit and it makes me feel great. And who doesn't like to look good while working out? It's not a must but it keeps me motivated and It's very important to wear the right clothes to move carefree during the workout. And what comes closer than a traditional brand called Adidas?


Sport Bra: SN X Bra 3// T-Shirt: Climalite Top // Shorts: M10 Shorts // Shoes: Energy BOOST 3


Sport Bra: SN X Bra 3// Tights: Techfit CLIMACHILL Tight // Shoes: Ultra BOOST